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What is Digital Signage Display?                                                                            


Digital signage screens show and dynamically communicates messages to your audience by way of television programming, menus, information, advertising and other messages. Digital signage uses technologies such as LCD, LED and projection Screens to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media and can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, cinemas, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings etc. Digital Signage is also used in wayfinding, exhibitions, public installations, marketing and outdoor advertising.


Digital signage displays use a range of methods for content upload, from standalone plug and play USB, content management software (cms) and digital media distribution which can either be run from personal computers, media players, servers or regional/national media hosting providers.


Since digital signage content may be frequently and easily updated and also because of the interactive abilities available such as embedded touch screens, movement detection and image capture devices which enable these forms of signage to understand who and how users are interacting with them, they are gaining acceptance as an alternative to static signs which can be expensive, inflexible and time consuming from plan, design, print and delivery, whereas digital signs can be updated with new content which can be scheduled according to targeted messages, to specific locations and/or consumers, at specific times within minutes allowing messages to be almost instantaneous. Furthermore real-time information such as local, national or global news feeds as well as interfaces to electronic equipment allow digital signs to be flexible as dynamic messaging systems .


The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage Screens


Using digital signs in any environment has many features and benefits not offered by static displays and signage. Dynamic digital signage can grab a customer's attention and influence their purchasing decision right at the point of purchase. It also eliminates the high cost of creating and distributing print ad campaigns. Digital signage is instant and offers the ability to change promotions immediately for various products or particular customers. Another advantage of digital displays over static is that retailers can earn money with their digital signage network by selling advertising space to their suppliers. Whether it is intended to build a brand, influence customer behaviour or simply provide information, the dynamic visual experience created by digital signage should ultimately increase sales. In order to achieve that goal, retailers will need to design the appropriate system.


Digital Signage OEM


Established in 1998, Invotech UK Ltd is originally a supplier of security solutions, however we have continued to develop our product range and introduced our new digital signage selection. We have sourced good quality signage screens and flexible software direct from our partners in China who currently produce in the region of 1500 screens per day, allowing us to supply UK, European and International Digital Signage markets.


Our objective is to be the number 1 supplier of digital signage screens and signage solutions, by offering expertise, great pricing and good customer service.All our products are fully soak tested before they leave the warehouse, this ensures the quality of our products


Plug and Play - Keep it simple


Our core ranges of standalone Digital Signage Screens have a built in HD media player which is updated by a simple plug and play method, so do not need to be connected to any external devices such as a PC or DVD. The built in HD media player can be updated by a simple plug and play method, just copy your pictures and videos onto a USB Memory Stick, insert it into the USB port on the display which will copy the files into its internal memory and then play them in a continuous loop, its that simple!


Free signage scheduling software is included to help manage your content, as well as a free landscape or portrait wall mount 

Our NEW All-in-One Network Digital Signage Screens


Unlike some signage solutions where the screens, the software and the media players have to be sourced from different suppliers in order to get a networked signage solution, this can create connectivity issues and resolving these between the various suppliers can be complicated, Invotech Signage offer a range of All-in-One Network screens that have all the necessary networking hardware built in. Read more...


Touch Digital Signage Display and Screens